The best way to learn about Netin solutions is to use them, an easy and intuitive way to find out all their options and functionalities.

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netin-driversCustomizable devices templates

And editable from the system itself: used drivers, read variables and their representation, user alarms and much more.

netin-widgetsConfigurable device displays

Using customizable widgets to represent the device information according to your display preferences.

netin-locationsLocations hierarchy to measure

Created by the user reflecting the real facility, it groups the information of alarms and states, and allows you intuitive navigation.

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Discover how the Netin solutions can help you with the supervision, monitoring and control of your industrial facilities, thanks to an intuitive interface with interactive data visualizations that allow an easy navigation through the information of the infrastructure, and with access by different defined roles (basic user, configuration administrator, and users administrator).

All the features, functionalities and options available on the demo are identical to the original Netin software.