Netin Dragonfly en la revista APTE Techno

The APTE Techno magazine, edited by the Asociación de Parques Científicos y Tecnológicos de España (APTE), publishes a piece, in its number 68, about Netin Dragonfly.

A brief tour through the context where Netin was born as a company, and its set of tools to monitor, diagnose and secure large OT infrastructures and automation modern systems, specifically designed for the industrial sector:

  • NetinDS: supervision and control system that integrates the main protocols from the IT area and the most well-known OT standards.
  • NetinHUB: addon to integrate NetinDS with the world, allowing you to add new functionalities and making easier the information exchange.
  • NetinAM: module for the assets management, software and hardware, and to guarantee facilities’ security and maintainability.
  • NetinHUB-Smartwatch: application that connects smartwatches to the Netin systems without an associated mobile terminal.

The whole article can be read by clicking on the image link ¡do not miss it!

Netin en la revista APTE Techno