NetinAM, the Netin addon to assets management

NetinAM is the new Netin addon to assets management, software and hardware, for large industrial facilities and OT infrastructures.

The digitization process towards industry 4.0 requires high reliability tools that allow guaranteeing facilities security through an efficient assets management, ensuring the efficiency and maintainability of the infrastructures thanks to a clear and complete vision of all the elements that form it.

NetinAM is the key in this context, since it allows a unified and automated management of the assets when detected and ordered them by the organizational structure defined by the user for the facility.

NetinAM - Alarmas NetinAM - Inventario

With NetinAM it is possible to create different devices profiles to automatically identify the assets, manage versions (firmware, hardware, serial numbers, references…), manage modular equipment identifying the modules that form the devices (i.e. I/O modules from peripheral devices) and run active scan through automated searches to detect subnets and IP addresses.

NetinAM - Repositorio

Besides, the Netin solutions familiy allow you to integrate the NVD database from the NIST and automate the security policy compliance by configuring, in NetinAM, alarms to notify assets’ vulnerabilities and access the information about updates.

Visit the product site of NetinAM to know all the details.