All the information from any device

NetinDS integrates the widest range of protocols and standards in the market to guarantee the gathering and ingestion of big data, and the highest level during the automatic discovery process.


Protocols and standards

NetinDS combine the use of standard supervision protocols with industrial protocols to get all the information from the devices irrespective of trademarks and manufacturers.

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Custom drivers

NetinDS has its own development API, Dzakar, that allows integrating custom drivers or user drivers to adapt to the reality and specific characteristic of each facility.

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The widest range of protocols

To guarantee Independence of trademarks and manufacturers


NetinDS develops and integrates a set of drivers that includes the widest protocols range in the market.

In this way, the discovery process, information gathering and diagnosis of devices and systems that form the industrial facilities are facilitated, irrespective of trademarks and manufacturers.

This set of drivers covers the main supervision protocols from de IT world and the best-known and the most widespread OT standards, and we are constantly working to add new protocols, continuously improving and expanding the diagnosis capabilities of NetinDS.

NetinDS capability to combine standard supervision protocols, such as SNMP, with industrial protocols, such as PROFINET, allows, for example, automatically detecting and identifying the different devices that form the network and its topology, getting all the necessary information from the industrial network electronics for a high-level transversal monitoring in real time.

Furthermore, by using the NetinDS templates, each device can be configured with different profiles for the same type of equipment using one or several protocols.

OPC UA Client to connect your SCADA and control systems.

- Certified OPC UA v1.02 compliant.

- Data Access client subscription.

- Event client subscription.

- Method client subscription.

- Certified security support.

Complete access to all the information of one of the most extended fieldbuses.

- Autodetection of equipment by DCP.

- Access to information devices.

- Access to configuration data.

- Access to the diagnosis buffer (logbook).

- GSDMLs import.

Quality monitoring of all your PROFIBUS networks from NetinDS.

- Access to devices states.

- Bus data.

- Bus statistics.

- Access to tension levels.

- Oscilloscope function.

Diagnose your network electronics with the SNMP standard.

- V1, V2C, V3.

- Traps support.

- MIBs import.

- MIBs compilation.

- PING basic test.

Integrate your SIMATIC controllers’ diagnosis to get a full view.

- Access to diagnostic buffer.

- Access to reading memory (DB, M, Z…).

- Blocks details (FB, FC, DB…).

- Access to CPU state.

- Access to CPU identifying data.

Integrate your MODBUS devices in the monitoring and diagnosis system.

- TCP/IP and UDP networks use.

- Standard function codes.

- Access to files and diagnosis.

- Big data types, bits and strings.

- Application protocol specification.

IoT devices connection with low memory and processing capabilities.

- Publication/subscription in channels (topics).

- Messages broker and dispatcher between connected clients.

- Open connections client-broker in communications.

- Flexible subscription pattern to topics.

- SSL/TLS transport, authentication by user/password or certificate.

Drivers in accordance with each facility

Custom developments with Dzakar API

The industrial systems are characterized by combining several technologies from different manufacturers to get the highest efficiency in the production processes.

This heterogeneity makes the possibility of integrating customized developments essential to adapt to the reality of each facility.

NetinDS has a development API, named Dzakar, to create and integrate custom drivers or user drivers with the same functionalities as the native drivers:

- Configuration customized and integrated in the NetinDS templates system.

- Integration of datapoints, alarms&events, historical datapoints…

- Automatic integration in agents and centralized version control.


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